Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold6 for UAH 79,999 with AI features

By: Nastya Bobkova | 10.07.2024, 17:33
Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold6 for UAH 79,999 with AI features

The Samsung Galaxy Fold6 offers a wide range of AI-powered features and tools that make the big screen experience as efficient as possible and significantly increase productivity.

Technical Characteristics

Some of the key features of the Galaxy Fold6:

  • Note Assist: The Samsung Notes app now has translation, note-taking and automatic text formatting features to help you during business meetings.
  • Transcription: Record voice notes and then transcribe, translate, and summarise them directly in Notes.
  • Translate PDFs: Translate PDFs with PDF8's Translate with PDF Overlay feature, which also works with text on images and graphs.
  • Text Generator: This new feature in Samsung Keyboard helps you generate texts based on simple keywords, such as emails or social media posts.
  • S Pen: The S Pen gives you quick access to convenient functions by simply swiping it across the screen.
  • Smart Choice: Extends the capabilities of S Pen by offering translation, note taking, and the new Sketch to Image feature that generates an image based on your sketches.
  • Gemini: Google's new artificial intelligence is integrated into Galaxy Fold6, giving you a personal assistant right on your phone.
  • Multi Window: Use Gemini on a split screen to get help with texting, studying, or travel planning while watching YouTube on the Fold6's big screen.
  • Circle to Search: Quickly find information about k-pop artists or any other video by simply circling them on the screen.
  • Translator: The new Translate conversation mode uses Fold6's dual-screen form factor so that both parties can see the translation on the home screen and the outer screen.
  • Live Translate: Translate phone calls in real time, not only in Samsung's native calling app, but also in some popular third-party apps.
  • Photo Assist: Updated big-screen editing capabilities help you create professional-looking content quickly and easily.
  • Portrait Studio: Create portraits in different styles, such as cartoon or watercolour.
  • Instant Slow-mo: Instantly slow down your video to capture the most interesting moments.
  • Gaming experience: A powerful chipset, improved cooling system and a 7.6-inch screen with up to 2600 nits of brightness deliver an immersive gaming experience.

Galaxy Fold6 is available in silver grey, pink and navy blue colours. The price starts from 79,999 UAH.

Source: Samsung