Xiaomi MiJia Youpin Hi+: smart corset (belt) for posture correction

By: Elena Shcherban | 01.03.2020, 12:11
Xiaomi MiJia Youpin Hi+: smart corset (belt) for posture correction

Xiaomi has simply huge range of different products, including for health. One of them is a smart corset for posture correction, which can be bought on AliExpress.

What it is

In fact, these are tight straps with sensor on the shoulders. The principle is simple: a built-in motion MPU6050 sensor detects changes in body condition of the owner thanks to measuring the angle of inclination and voltage sensor. And when you choose a poor posture, the corset starts to vibrate, reminding about the poise.

To adjust the corset - put in on, straighten your back, choose the correct position and do not move for about 4 seconds. The device will fix the correct position and will signal in case of deviations.

It is recommended to wear a corset for a few hours a day. The first 3 days - the adaptation period, 3-21 days - the period of rebuilding, and after 3 weeks the muscles memory starts to work and to form a correct posture.

How much?

At the moment you can buy a corset Xiaomi MiJia Youpin Hi+ on AliExpress for $ 55.92.

Source: by AliExpress