Garmin Smart Watches have learned to track pregnancy

By: Bohdan Chub | 08.12.2020, 11:58
Garmin Smart Watches have learned to track pregnancy

Today Garmin has presented a new feature designed for expecting moms, which will be available in most Garmin smart watches.

How it works

The new Pregnancy Tracking service will help pregnant women to monitor their health throughout the pregnancy.

As a result, users will receive information about the size of the embryo (this requires adding information about the expected date of delivery), will be able to track the activity of the baby, keep health notes, body changes and blood sugar level. In addition, the watch will send recommendations on nutrition and monitor physical activity depending on the pregnancy period so that it is not to be harmful.

"Monitor your physical and emotional changes, such as back pain, craving for sweets, nausea, mood changes and much more you are going to experience every day. You can even take notes and track your child's blood glucose levels and movements. Individual reminders will help you not forget to record your symptoms, drink water, practise Kegel etc. You will also see a 4-week summary of your registered data, which is useful for the checking" says Garmin.

And with the onset of labor, women in labor are offered a contraction timer to monitor the duration and frequency of contractions.

Pregnancy Tracking is available in Connect IQ and is compatible with Android devices at least 6.0 and iOS versions at least iOS 12.

Pregnancy tracking feature is available on a number of Garmin devices including such series as Garmin Venu - $259.99. , Vivoactive 4, Forerunner and Fenix.

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