Just Relax: Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini Portable Massager Review

By: Anry Sergeev | 21.07.2021, 14:26
Just Relax: Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini Portable Massager Review

The price of this device is about $100. Is it much or little for not going to a massage therapist on a regular basis and solving part of the problems at home? It's up to you and your muscles. The advantage of Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini is that you can use it as a family. And take it with you on trips. But like any other self-care routine, it takes time and motivation. And for many people it is no less a problem than to spend a budget for a massage.

In addition, the massager will not replace the hands of a specialist when you need to work systematically with some problem in the body. But if you do, and have the motivation and need to take care of yourself, I think Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini is a cool buy (if you finish reading to the end, we also have a coupon for an additional discount).


  • Great massage at any time
  • Saves budget on going to a massage therapist
  • Affordable price


  • Machine massager has many restrictions in use

We have reached the time when choosing a smartphone is no longer the most interesting and awe-inspiring purchase. It has been superseded by gadgets. One of the most useful (if used wisely and safely) gadgets is in my hands now - the powerful portable massager Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini. All I can say about it - I definitely recommend it. No disadvantages found. Unless you count as such a large number of limitations, which you should immediately learn and memorize by heart.

Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini Design

Solid quality. This is a good quality thing, which becomes clear, if not at first glance, then from the first touch, for sure.

The body of the device is made of good plastic with soft touch effect in two shades of gray. But that is not the main thing that creates this feeling of goodness.

The main thing is, perhaps, the weight and the power with which the massager beats off the movements assigned to it.

This thing is really heavy (240 g), I think that you should not give it in the hands of children or weak people. But a normal person can handle it just fine.

The shape of Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini resembles a gun, not for nothing the manufacturer gave it such a name. In this case, the longest part (127 mm) is not the barrel, but the handle by which you hold it during the massage. The diameter is 35 mm.

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The only button to control the device is not in the most convenient place. Here you could not just take it and make it so that you can turn on/off/switch mode without moving the device in your hands. Nevertheless, it is relatively handy.

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The button is equipped with a four-color diode. The blue light is the softest mode, designed for warming up, the green one is stronger, making a relaxing massage, the red one is full power, deep massage, and the yellow one is such a confident jackhammer, which works the stronger the better the massager is pressed to the body. But its effect is a "gentle massage" (this is the characteristic in the instructions).

On the same end there is another small diode. It indicates the state of the battery, but it is lit green all the time. If it flashes constantly, it means that everything is ok, if it flashes slowly, it means that half of the battery capacity is already consumed. Flashing frequently - soon it will be time to recharge.

There is also a USB Type-C connector for charging. It is difficult to calculate how long it takes to use it. The specifications state that the battery capacity is 1300 mAh. The device does not have a screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. The only power-intensive task is the vibration motor. The manufacturer recommends using the device for up to 10-15 minutes, half an hour - if you really want and need. More than that is not allowed! Therefore, with proper use one charge is enough for a lot of massage sessions. I reached fast flashing in almost 3 weeks of use.

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What's in the Box?

This is usually the most uninteresting part of all reviews. But not in the case of Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini. I sincerely advise not to repeat my mistakes and start acquaintance with the device from the delivery set. In addition to the soft and good-looking case there are several heads for different tasks in the box. The most powerful one is the one that looks like a mushroom cap.

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I liked the simplest and most standard one best of all.

In addition, there is also an instruction in Chinese (at least in our version, which came from Aliexpress) and a charging cable.

Do not throw away the instructions, but read them at once and learn them by heart! Most importantly, there are pictures with the points to massage on different parts of the body, and the time of the massage. Surprisingly, it's about seconds. Although with the massager, especially at first, you want to spend at least minutes. This can be harmful (the bones do not like vibration, after all) in the long run.

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You can massage in four different modes. It is intuitive that the larger the muscle, the more powerful the mode can be applied to it.

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It was quite difficult for me with my arms, because even though I can't boast of being skinny, it was difficult not to hit the bones in my arms. By the way, you also have to avoid contact with the spine. And you can't hit the face, either. And the knees, elbows, head, kidney area, genitals, neck and many other places where you can hurt something. A complete list of prohibitions - in the instructions (we were sent to the editorial office pdf-instructions in English, it exists).

The biggest disappointment for me was that it takes literally 10-15 seconds per point (on average it depends on the muscle). I would have liked it to last longer! The good news is that it is advisable to make 3-4 approaches to a muscle.

It hurts at first, but that's literally the first second or two. The muscle reacts quickly to the action and relaxes.

One more disadvantage, or rather the specifics of the device - if I do self-massage it is difficult to reach some parts of the body, often the problematic ones (the trapezius, some muscles of the lower part of the body). I have to twist (literally).

In general, I was afraid to touch my back, even though there is a section devoted to this area in the instruction manual and it is not mentioned in the exceptions. The whiskers and the brush heads worked well for me in the areas where the bone is close and the muscles are small. The first was on the slowest, "blue" mode.

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The second option is the brush plus "yellow" mode. It is easier to fix the massager in one place, so that it does not accidentally bounce into the bone, and the rubber brush softens the contact with the surface. By the way, the manufacturer recommends a brush for palm massage. If it wasn't for the instructions, it wouldn't have occurred to me. But this is really nice!

I really appreciated this device without any restrictions for my legs. The muscles are bigger there, it's harder to hit the bones, it's easy to reach a lot of places.

In places of increased volume - on the buttocks, for example - it seemed that even at maximums the exerciser worked all the worse, as it is difficult to reach the muscles through a layer of, uh, not muscles.

The manufacturer, by the way, also offers to massage the heels. But you know, this case is very sensitive.

How do you feel after a massage with the Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini?

In general, like after a regular massage. A nice bonus is that having the device at hand, you can at any time work on any problem area on the body (from those that are not prohibited). For me, Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini has become an indispensable thing after power training on the lower body. But you have to understand that a portable massager can't completely replace a massage therapist. However, as a supplement to regular body care, it's a must-have.

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5 things to know about Yunmai Fascia Massage Gun Extra Mini:

  • This is a hand-held massager that can work on muscles faster than doing it with your hands
  • You need to immediately learn what you can't massage in any case!
  • It can be used anytime and anywhere (you can carry it with you)
  • Good price-pleasure ratio
  • Can be used by the whole family