Google alarm clock stopped working on Android smartphones: this bug could cost you your job

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.09.2021, 17:02
Google alarm clock stopped working on Android smartphones: this bug could cost you your job

In the standard Google Clock app has problems with the alarm clock. They are reported by users on forum Reddit and in Google Play reviews, some of which this bug has cost a lot.

What happened

Users complain that the alarm simply does not go off: at most - at the appointed time the screen lights up, but no sound signal or at least vibration at that. After the display shows the missed alarm.

"This has been my favorite alarm clock app for years. For the past two weeks I've been late to school and  work because it stopped working. I even set my alarm clock and watched it until it went off. All that happened was that the screen on my phone turned on. (Yes, my volume went up). No notifications, nothing. I have no choice but to delete it and find a new alarm app. I'm surprised Google hasn't fixed this bug yet. Apparently by the amount of bad reviews over the last few days that I not crazy", - writes one outraged user on Google Play.

Another user said: "As everyone said, the alarm clock function is NO MORE WORKING. AT ALL. I thought I got an impressive new ability, but I simply missed the alarm as it didn't even work. I checked, double checked, reset the alarms etc."

Some people attribute the error to integration with Spotify: they say that if you set a tune from service, the alarm will not go off. So in this case it may help to select the standard melody. Others complain that the alarm does not  go off because of mode "Do not disturb".

 In any case, Google has not yet solved this problem. Apparently, employees and themselves slept through all the light because of not working alarm clock.

Source: PhoneArena
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