Twitter introduces new category of 'good bots'

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 10.09.2021, 12:53
Twitter introduces new category of 'good bots'

On Thursday, Twitter announced a new way to identify accounts with automated tweets offering legitimate content. The company is now testing tags that will show users whether a particular account is considered a "good bot."

While Twitter is primarily focused on user interaction, there are many automated accounts that share things like news and other useful information using bots. At the same time, there are also bots on the social network designed to spread fake, spammy or useless content.

To prevent users from being fooled by such accounts, the social network will now identify "good bots" - as the company calls the new label. To determine if an account is a "good bot" on Twitter, you will need to look for the robot icon labeled "Automated" directly above the tweet or profile. Twitter will also indicate who the developer or company behind the bot is.

According to the company, the feature is currently being tested by a limited number of developers invited by Twitter. The idea, of course, is to extend the feature to more accounts in the future.

Source: TwitterSupport