Apple increased battery capacity in all versions of iPhone 13 by 9-18.5%

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 20.09.2021, 12:10
Apple increased battery capacity in all versions of iPhone 13 by 9-18.5%

September 14 was the presentation of the iPhone 13 family. Like the year before, Apple presented four models. Traditionally, at the event, they talked about how the new products proved to be better than their predecessors.

In its usual manner Apple did not disclose some of the technical parameters of smartphones, including battery capacity. At the presentation there was only the phrase that battery life has increased compared to the iPhone 12.

Battery capacity in each of the four models is already known. The data was shared by 9to5mac publication. In the table below you can see that iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity has increased by 11% and 18.5% respectively. This is probably how the company will try to even out the increased power consumption by adding 120Hz support.

At the same time, even without 120 Hz the battery capacity of iPhone 13 increased by 15%. The same is true for the mini version, but its increase is more modest - 9%. We will find out how the battery life will be in practice very soon. The models will start going on sale on 24th September.

Smartphone Capacity Past Generation Gain
W*h %
iPhone 13 mini 9.34 W*h 8.57 W*h 0.77 W*h ~9%
iPhone 13 12.41 W*h 10.78 W*h 1,63 Watt*h ~15%
iPhone 13 Pro 11.97 Watt*h 10.78 Watt*h 1.19 Watt*h ~11%
iPhone 13 Pro Max 16.75 Watt*h 14.13 Watt*h 2.62 Watt*h ~18.5%

Source: 9to5mac