Google TV finally got an Android mobile remote

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 25.09.2021, 12:48
Google TV finally got an Android mobile remote

Users will finally be able to control the Google TV interface using their Android device, according to a source. Google announced this feature back in May, so it's been awaited for quite some time.

It will be useful for those, who tend to lose their remote control (provided they don't lose their phone too, of course). Not only will the feature allow you to control your viewing with controls and menu navigation, but it will also make entering passwords and searching for movie and TV show titles much faster.

The feature is currently only available on Android devices, and there's no word yet on when - or if at all - it will appear on iOS devices. On the other hand, the mobile remote has long been part of Apple's ecosystem as long as Apple TV is used, so owners of related tech certainly don't feel left out.

The Google TV system is currently available on Google Chromecast devices, as well as on some Sony TVs. Google says the mobile remote will also support Android TV devices.

There are two ways to start using the mobile remote. You can add a tile of the remote to Quick Settings from your Android device or through the Google TV app. The Google TV app is rolling out incrementally and will launch in 14 more countries in the coming weeks, according to Google.

Source: theverge

Illustration: Google