Clubhouse has finally added search, audio recording and more

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 01.10.2021, 10:06
Clubhouse has finally added search, audio recording and more

The ever-popular Clubhouse voice messaging service has announced a slew of new features that go live today. These new features include universal room search, full audio room recording and more.

Search. The strangest thing about Clubhouse is there was no search till now. I mean, really, it seemed like some kind of game. Now, users can finally search for people, rooms, and even future events.

The next feature is Clips, which will allow users to share short clips on social media and instant messaging apps. Users will be able to create clips of 30 seconds or less and then share them with anyone online.

Clips are currently available to a small group of users and presumably the feature will roll out to everyone over time.

30 seconds isn't enough? Replays is a feature that will allow to share a recording of the entire room after it ends, which has long been almost a major demand of Clubhouse users.

All of this is intended to help make Clubhouse the best iPhone app in its category. This is very important for the creators of the service, as Spotify and Twitter are trying to take a bite out of their piece of the pie by implementing similar audio room features in their apps.

Source: clubhouse

Illustration: Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash