10 Apple series you should watch

By: Technoslav Bergamot | 02.10.2021, 23:42
10 Apple series you should watch

November 2020 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Apple TV+ streaming service . But we can already say that the service was a success and immediately set the bar high, becoming one of the world leaders in online video: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, making their own movies and series. We've compiled ten Apple series in a wide range of genres worthy of your attention, allowing you to appreciate the scope of this service and its desire to reach audiences with a variety of tastes and preferences.

For All Mankind

It is said that we only truly begin to appreciate something when we lose it. This seems to be the rule which guides the producers of For All Mankind when they offer their own version of the Moon-conquest in the alternative history genre. In the US, the depression - the Soviet astronauts were the first to land on the moon, not NASA astronauts. The United States loses the space race to the Soviet Union and take everything to be the first to reach the other planets of the solar system. The series was produced by Ronald Moore, known for Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, as well as his work on Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams and Star Trek (from 1993 to 1999). As well as Ben Nadivi and Matt Wolpert, who worked together on the scripts for "Fargo" and "Umbrella Academy."

Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet

This series is a must-see for every computer game fan! It tells the story of the "harsh" everyday life of a developer of an online multiplayer RPG called "Mystic Quest". There's an ambitious and narcissistic CEO, a girl who leads the development team and constantly gets into confrontations with her boss, testers who play the game at work all day and night, a retired script writer and dialog writer with little knowledge of both games and technology who constantly appeals to his old skills that no one remembers anymore. There is a project manager and CFO, who constantly nips in the bud all the "good" initiatives. More in the series found a place for a popular teen streamer with a million audience, whose opinion on any innovations in the game is always very influential on the developers' income. The series simply looks in the same breath, replete with unexpected plot twists (no spoilers - see for yourself). Renderings of the game itself in a fantasy setting will diversify your viewing. Additional clips after the credits in the spirit of Marvel movies (they only start after 5 episodes) will be a nice bonus. Remarkably well filmed is the final "quarantine" episode, where all the heroes live in self-isolation (the final scene of the series is a bomb!)

Amazing Stories

A large-scale project with a serious fantasy background - Amazing Stories or Amazing Stories is the name of the legendary fantasy magazine published since 1926 by Hugo Gernsback (one of the two most prestigious American science-fiction awards - Hugo - is named after him). The magazine was published for half a century and introduced to the world the authors included in the golden fund of science fiction of the twentieth century, such as Isaac Asimov. Ursula Le Guin, Roger Zelazny and Harry Harrison were published in it. In 1985, Steven Spielberg used the title for a fantasy mini-series. The new reincarnation retains the same idea: all the series are not connected to each other and represent individual works, created besides in very different genres of science fiction. The producers of the new version of "Amazing Stories" are Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who worked together on "Once Upon a Time" and "Lost.

Central Park

It's impossible to get past the animation genre when it comes to TV series. This musical series (each episode has several musicals that equate it to a musical) is about the caretaker of the most famous city park in the world - Central Park in New York. He not only works in the park, but also lives there with his family. Lauren Bouchard, who has a relationship with "Bob's Burger" and Josh Gad, who had a hand in the iconic "South Park", worked on the series. In each episode, some extraordinary event happens to park visitors that the caretaker has to sort out, sometimes saving the park itself from its guests. Aside from the park ranger, his daughter, who dreams of a career as a journalist, stands out, and the main antagonist is an elderly millionaire who lives in a luxury penthouse overlooking the central park.


An Israeli TV series about the confrontation between the intelligence services of Israel and Iran, which became world famous after it was included in the Apple TV+ subscription. The show's protagonist, Tamar Rabinya, is an Israeli-born Iranian woman who works for the Mossad and gets into Iran under the guise of an Iranian airline stewardess. She is aided in her work by hacker Milad, who attempts to disable Iran's power system in order to damage the country's nuclear program. The series features Israeli and Iranian actors who are almost unknown in our country. In addition to the plot twists and turns that are typical of a spy thriller, the show reveals to the world the inner life of Iran, which is almost unknown outside of this country.

The Morning Show

The Show, which kicked off the history of Apple's late 2019 series. The vibrant "topical" story for the U.S. immediately put this series on par with the most popular TV shows about the life of TV stations from the inside (in particular, the sensational "News Service" a few years ago. The main roles were played by actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, who just so happen to be the hosts of the most popular morning TV show in the United States. The plot is based on sexual harassment at work, which leads to resignation and career endings for the host, played by Steve Carell. The series does not grade or divide the characters into bad and good, showing the problems of each of them. All of this has made the series one of the highlights of 2019.

See (See)

As the popular wisdom says, in the land of the blind, the sighted are king. The series describes a dystopian post-apocalyptic future in which people have completely lost their sight and learn to live with it. Jason Momoa plays the role of a rugged warrior (who would have doubted it), who is tasked with caring for twins born with the ability to see. What will they become to the world? A curse, bringing new misfortunes to humanity or hope for the resurrection of a meaningful life on Earth? Large-scale filming in the middle of beautiful nature, battle scenes of blind fighters - all this appeared due to one simple plot assumption: what would happen and how would humanity's life change if people lost the ability to see?

Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)

At first glance, this is another Hollywood story about how outsiders become winners and champions. But that's not the case, and the series isn't about a success story resulting from hard work and hard work at all. This series is about how you can live, enjoy life and help other people to be happy in spite of any obstacles. The story of Ted Lasso, the American football coach who comes to the UK to coach a football team, whose best days are over, is comic (he doesn't even know the rules of this strange game for Americans). And the series is indeed comedic. But all the events in it develop not at all by the rules of a television sitcom. This realism and positive energy that spreads around Ted Lasso, so much liked the audience that the series has already received the "order" to shoot two more seasons.

Defending Jacob

An adaptation of the novel of the same name by William Landay, published in 2012, which became a bestseller. Chris Evans plays the role of U.S. District Attorney Andy Barber investigating the murder of a young boy. In the process, it turns out that his son, Jacob, may be involved in the murder. Which is sure to cause problems for the whole family. Trying to preserve everything he holds dear, Andy tries his best to exonerate his son. But new evidence increasingly suggests that it was Jacob who committed the crime. The psychological drama does not let the viewer go until the very last frame. Who, after all, is the real killer and will the prosecutor be able to keep his family intact without breaking the law?

Foundation (Foundation)

A film adaptation of one of the most ambitious science fiction series created by Isaac Asimov, author of the famous Three Laws of Robotics. The cycle includes 7 novels, plus another 3 written by the writer's followers after his death. The plot is based on the great mathematician Gary Seldon predicted the demise of the Galactic Empire with the help of the science of psychohistory. According to Seldon's plan, the decline and onset of the Dark Ages for mankind cannot be avoided, but can only be mitigated through the creation of a special organization (Foundations), whose goal is to preserve and revive civilization hundreds of years later. Given the scope of the narrative, this series could very well be the main event of 2021 in TV fiction, and the amount of material is enough for more than one season.

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