iPad mini 6 owners complain of display issues - Apple may recall tablet

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 06.10.2021, 16:15
iPad mini 6 owners complain of display issues - Apple may recall tablet

Tablet computer iPad mini 6 is less than a month on the market (and has not even reached some countries), but users are already complaining about problems with the display.

What is known

On the iPad mini 6 first complaints appeared at the end of last month. Back then users noticed "jelly" effect while scrolling the ribbon in portrait mode. But this behavior is typical for LCD panels, therefore Apple does not plan to change anything.

User dissatisfaction does not end there. Several iPhone mini 6 owners wrote on Reddit about another problem with the Liquid Retina panel. This time it concerns color distortion and discoloration of some areas. This is especially pronounced when activating the dark theme

. As it turned out, when you press the power button with a little effort, spots appear on the display, in which the picture is distorted and discolored. One of the tablet's owners posted a video to illustrate this.

The user notes that he was able to replace the iPad mini 6, but the new tablet was found to have the same problem. At the same time employee of Apple said that he would not be surprised if the company has to recall the new tablets. True, it is not clear yet whether the problem is massive. Apple has not yet made any official comments.

Source: Reddit