Panasonic Koma 1.5: exoskeleton-transformer - "iron legs" and "buggy" (video)

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 09.10.2021, 22:11
Panasonic Koma 1.5: exoskeleton-transformer - "iron legs" and "buggy" (video)

"Atoun, a subsidiary of Panasonic, has presented a concept of Koma 1.5 exoskeleton.

The new product supports operation in two modes. You can use Koma 1.5 as "iron legs" or as an autopiloted "buggy". The device allows you to quickly transport heavy loads. It is equipped with a camera and supports artificial intelligence algorithms for obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

Koma 1.5 is designed for warehouses and factories where employees face the problem of transporting heavy loads. In "buggy" mode the vehicle can drive on a flat surface.

To overcome a low obstacle Koma 1.5 switches to walking mode, when the two front wheels are off the ground, and the "buggy" turns into "iron legs". In this mode, the device can step over the obstacle and climb stairs.