Tesla demonstrated the new 4680 battery pack

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 11.10.2021, 14:27
Tesla demonstrated the new 4680 battery pack

Late last week, Tesla announced the completion of the Berlin Gigafactory. During that event, it was revealed that the Model Y electric cars that will be assembled in Germany will indeed have a new body made up of just two separate parts. Today, it became known that these electric cars will have a new battery pack of type 4680 batteries built into the body. The information came to light after a demonstration of the assembly lines of the German giant plant.

Elon Musk revealed some time ago what are the benefits of the new coupe that will be used in the Model Y crossovers being assembled in Germany. It is a construction of two cast parts, between which the battery pack itself is placed. Thus, the weight of the electric car was reduced by 10% and the range increased by 14%. More importantly, the production process is much simpler, as 370 fewer components are required to build the same body using the new technology. A demonstration at Berlin's Gigafactory showed what the design of the new battery pack coupe looks like.

The 4680 battery pack itself became part of the chassis that connects the front and rear of the chassis. The chassis, along with the battery pack, is an integral part of the coupe, with the electric car seats attached to the battery pack itself. The production of the Model Y has thus been significantly streamlined.

Source: electrek