Google TV will introduce user profiles and viewing history

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 11.10.2021, 17:23
Google TV will introduce user profiles and viewing history

Soon, family users of Google TV will have everything more streamlined as far as their personal settings, interests, and viewing history are concerned.

Previously, Google TV supported the ability to sign in to multiple Google accounts to be able to use services by multiple people. But content suggestions, viewing history and Google Assistant functionality were based on the activity of the primary account owner.

With the new personalized profiles, Google Assistant's recommendations, browsing history and responses will be tailored to each individual user's interests and activity.

After the profiles appear next month, Google will separately introduce so-called "glanceable cards." When this feature arrives, the inactive TV screen can display personalized information. For example, weather, news, sports statistics, and other information tailored to you personally. This screen will also display shortcuts and widgets for apps such as podcasts, music, and photos.

A Google spokesperson said personal profiles will start rolling out next month on Chromecast devices with Google TV, as well as Google TVs from TCL and Sony.

Source: theverge

Illustration: Google TV