Redmi Note 11 will offer good battery life

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 27.10.2021, 09:34
Redmi Note 11 will offer good battery life

Xiaomi continues to promote the Redmi Note 11 family of smartphones. This time, Redmi brand head Liu Weibing talked about the battery life of the standard model.

What we known

The manager wrote that he used the Redmi Note 11 for 18 hours, and after that the battery retained 25% of the charge. What's interesting, the Redmi CEO noted that such battery life is offered by the 4,500mAh battery capacity version. That is, we can assume that there will also be a modification with a higher-capacity battery.

We should also mention one more important nuance. Liu Weibing stressed that the high performance was achieved by optimizing the software MIUI and having under the hood of a single-chip processor Dimensity 920. Earlier it was reported that this SoC will be used in the Redmi Note 11 Pro, while the standard model will get Dimensity 810.

Perhaps there is a Chinese fun of writing the name of the entire family here, without specifying which smartphone in question. Either way, everything will become clear tomorrow, October 28.

Source: 卢伟冰