Intel intends to "catch up and overtake" Moore's Law

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 28.10.2021, 17:14
Intel intends to "catch up and overtake" Moore's Law

Intel used the impromptu Innovation event stage for more than just the Alder Lake processor announcement. CEO Patrick Gelsinger got up the courage to announce that "Moore's Law is alive."

It is well known that by the middle of the last decade, the rule formulated by co-founder Gordon Moore had slowed down - doubling the transistor density every two and a half years, not every 18 months as before. However, Patrick Gelsinger is convinced that the innovations introduced by Intel will enable the company not only to catch up with Moore's Law in its classical interpretation, but also to accelerate it in the next ten years.

Moreover, the company boasts that no competitor can match Intel in terms of speed of increasing transistor density. Intel believes it will overtake competitors in lithography by the middle of the decade, mastering five new processes over the next four years.

Source: pcworld

Illustration: Intel