Rating of the best multicookers: the choice of a sloth

By: Lora Craft | 01.11.2021, 13:32
Rating of the best multicookers: the choice of a sloth

The only thing left for the modern man to do in the kitchen is to rinse and clean the ingredients. The rest will be done by the multicooker (if only it could do all the shopping for us, or even earn some money for the stuffing!) How not to go wrong in choosing a reliable helper in the kitchen, which can safely delegate its borscht powers?


Choosing a multi-cooker for home: Honest Tips

Basically, a modern multicooker is such an electric pan, consisting of a bowl with a non-stick coating (ceramic or Teflon) and a heating element. The fastest and most energy efficient - induction multicookers, which heat up to the desired temperature almost instantly (and at the same time and preserve more vitamins and nutrients in the products). Also, each multicooker has sensors and control buttons - for selecting mode, setting temperature and other settings.

The body of the multicooker can be plastic (then it will be cheaper) or stainless steel (then it will be heavier, but more durable). On the market there are such types of multicookers:

  • Simply Multicooker - is one where the food is poured into the bowl, the lid is closed, the buttons set everything - and fire away. And in the process, if something you want to add (or delete) - please, open the lid, add what you need, close and cook on.
  • Multicooker pressure cooker - here the food is not just cooked, but under pressure - and therefore everything is cooked and steamed much faster (on average, meat dishes are cooked only half an hour). Except that you can't open the lid until the program is finished (which means you can't add any ingredients while cooking).
  • Slow cooker - and this is the antipode of the aforementioned pot. There are times when you don't want to hurry but you want the food to ripen for a long time (e.g. pilaf, bograch, etc.) This device will be handy in such cases.
  • Rice cooker is a special case of multicooker, specially designed for cooking rice (bravo, Cap!) and other porridges, where they come out perfectly crumbly.
  • Multicooker is a multifunctional gadget that combines the properties of a multicooker, a stove (oven), and sometimes a grill.

Multicooker bowl volume: how to choose?

Clearly, you should be guided by the number of eaters. For a young couple and even a couple with 1 child, a working bowl volume of 3 liters is quite enough. After all, less bowl ⇒ less power ⇒ less energy consumption.

But if there are more than 2 adults in the family - take a multicooker for 5 liters - it is a universal volume. But hospitable hosts, who like to host large companies at home (or just like to cook once for several days), will benefit from a gadget for 6 liters or more, such as MOULINEX Cook4Me CE7011 Multi Cooker - pressure cooker.

What is the power of the multicooker to focus on?

As we have already said, the power is directly related to the volume of the bowl. The smallest multicookers have a capacity of about 800 watts, the medium ones have a capacity of 800 - 1100 watts, and everything above that is for large multicookers.

What can be cooked in a multicooker?

Actually everything, even in the most inexpensive REDMOND SkyCooker RMC-M92S you can cook almost all the menu of the home table. But you are probably interested in what you can cook in automatic mode (that is, to have it cook for you). Most often, multicookers have the following automatic modes:

  • porridge (any cereals are cooked crumbly: buckwheat, rice, millet, etc.).),
  • soup (you put all the ingredients immediately and just turn on the gadget),
  • pilaf (judging by insider reviews comes out perfectly),
  • dough,
  • baking (including homemade bread) - note, first mix the dough (and let it rise if necessary), and then bake bread, using the mode "bake",
  • stew (you can stew anything, and, quite simply, without using fat - meat, fish, vegetables stew in its own juice, get fragrant, diet, delicious and healthy),
  • steamer - all the same that you were going to stew or boil, you can boil on steam - so it will be even more delicate and even more correct (if you're worried about PP). The steam mode is also very convenient for warming up food,
  • frying - if all these sorts of rumors about proper nutrition are too much for you and you want good old potatoes with golden crust - you're the boss.

In addition to automatic modes there is a manual mode when you can set the temperature, determine the order of products and cooking time at each stage - but for this you need to acquire some experience of cooking in a multicooker.

Basic Multicooker Features

As we said, many multicookers are equipped with a pressure cooker option - for this purpose, the cooking process takes place under pressure.

Also, as we recently mentioned, in all multicookers you can cook in manual mode - when the temperature and technology are set by you, checking the recipe and varying the parameters at your discretion.

Modern multicookers often have an auto-heat function, which can turn on automatically as soon as the dish is ready, so that whenever you dare to try your masterpiece, it will be warm.

Another convenient and favorite feature of housewives - a delayed start - when leaving for work, you put the products and set the timer so that by the time you get home dinner just in time.

In some models, you can control the temperature while the standard program is running, and in others - to disable auto-heating (for example, when cooking dough or yogurt - to avoid unnecessary overheating) - everything is individual.

Here are more tips from experts on how to choose a faithful friend in the kitchen:

And now - our top multicookers.

The TEFAL Multicook & Grain RK900 Multicooker
how to choose a multicooker

This has 82 automatic programs! The 4-liter bowl has 6 layers of different metals and non-stick ceramic coating. Plastic body, heating element, touch control and LED display make this multicooker inexpensive and easy to use.

3D-heating ensures fast and even heating of the bowl contents, which makes your dish cook faster and come out more homogeneous. There is a smart menu that allows you to memorise your favourite recipes. Other functions - auto-heat (with the possibility to turn it off), delayed start, steamer, yoghurt maker, multicooker, pre-soaking (for peas, beans, etc. - accelerates the preparation of such products).

The upper lid and steam valve are detachable. In addition, the set includes a special attachment for a steam cooker, two measuring cups, a spoon (although the coating of the bowl and the ceramic, not Teflon, with it still need to handle with care), the recipe book.

And, of course, do not forget to tell you the dimensions: 25.5 × 24.5 × 33 cm, the gadget power - 850 watts.

Reviews many.


MOULINEX Initial Pressure Cooker CE620
Multi cooker discounts and promotions

This is a multicooker with pressure cooker function. A total of 22 programs, among them: multicooker, yogurt, cream cheese, jam and more. Auto-heat and delayed start are also present. The difference with the previous model is that the body of this multi-cooker is made of stainless steel (as we remember, this increases the reliability of the device, but the weight of this device is the same). And the fact that it is pressure cooker, of course. Manual time and temperature settings (push-button control), LCD display, timer can be set to a maximum of 1440 minutes, and the power is 1000 watts.

The bowl is designed for an average family - 4.8 l, the coating in it is ceramic, the top lid - removable. The dimensions of the multicooker are 31×30.4×32 cm

The multicooker comes with a stirring spatula, measuring cup and recipe book.

It can come to your kitchen in black or silver. The manufacturer gives a 2 year warranty. And reviews, I must say, are enthusiastic.


The MOULINEX Cook4Me CE7011 pressure cooker
buy a pressure cooker

Another pressure cooker of the French brand, but more serious than the previous one, though in a plastic case. Let's start with the fact that it already has 50 programs. Power is 1200 W and bowl capacity is 6 L which means that we deal with a large gadget for a company with immodest appetites. Needless to say, its dimensions are larger than the predecessor although not by much: 35.6 õ 35.4 õ 37.6 cm.

It has a smart menu (in Russian), LCD display and rotary switch control. You can manually set not only the cooking time, ingredients (so that the multicooker knows what it is dealing with) and the number of servings, but also the pressure level. After all, you can choose fast cooking at a high pressure (70 kPa), low pressure (40 kPa), or no pressure at all. This multicooker also has a 160°C frying mode, a keep warm mode (63°C) and a preheat mode (70°C).

If you don't want to guess and set temperature and pressure manually, you can set these parameters automatically.

We would also like to mention the bowl - it is thick, has side handles, 6 safety levels and non-stick ceramic coating.

According to reviews, borscht or hodgepodge is cooked in 6 - 8 minutes, and kutya - in 5 minutes. As in the case of the previous, the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty.


Pressure cooker BOSCH MUC88B68RU
best multicooker

It seems that this is the most expensive in our list of multicookers. With multicooker function, 3D heating, most importantly, induction. Of course, the auto-heat and delayed start functions are here too. The internal lid and steam valve here can be removed, there is a separate container for condensate collection and a grid for a deep fryer. A spoon, spatula, measuring cup and recipe book are also included.

The volume of the bowl is the standard 5 l, the coating is Teflon - so it is better not to stir anything in the multicooker with anything other than the included spoon or spatula. 

Nevertheless, you can wash the bowl of the multicooker in the machine, but if you wash it manually - do it with a soft sponge without excessive pressure.

A total of 16 automatic modes, while there are 2 modes, which the multicooker remembers the settings you set - "My mode", and of course, manual adjustment of time and temperature (from 40 ° C to 160 ° C). The gadget has a heating power of 1200 watts.

If something happens, for example, if the power goes out during cooking, the smart pressure cooker will restore all settings after switching on.

The stainless steel body is adequately insulated, the display is child-proof - that is why a kid can crawl even upon the table with the multicooker in operation - no risk to get burnt.

Also, the model description says about smart cooking modes of borscht and pilaf - not every housewife can boast about this.

However, the dimensions of this gadget are typical for such devices: Its dimensions are typical of its kind: 30×32×40 cm. The German brand gives it a 2-year warranty. And here you can read rave reviews .


REDMOND SkyCooker RMC-M92S Multicooker
choose the best multicooker

And this is the most affordable model in our selection. If you do not need your multicooker to grab the stars from the sky, and just cook your porridge - here is a great and inexpensive example. And even at a fraction of the cost, 3D heating and multicooker modes are included. And you can also control it remotely from your smartphone with Android 4.3 and up or iOS 9.0 and up. There is a delayed start timer and temperature maintenance mode (auto-heating), just like in more expensive models. Steamer and the ability to make yogurt is also there.

The inner lid and steam valve are completely removable, the package also includes a basket for frying and a container for collecting condensation, as well as - a measuring cup, a ladle, a spoon and a recipe book. The 5-liter bowl has a ceramic non-stick coating. What is also nice - a lot of multicooker bowls REDMOND compatible with different models of the same brand. That is, if something breaks, you can buy more and combine.

There are 17 automatic programs and the ability to manually adjust time (up to 1440 minutes) and temperature (from 35°C to 170°C) - and in general up to 134 manual programs. And when we said "just make porridge" at the beginning of the description of this model, we obviously underestimated the merits of this gadget. Let's restore justice: here you can not only boil, bake, roast, stew, but also proofread dough, cook curd or cheese, sterilize pots and pans for children, pasteurize liquids, make fondue, desserts, and much more. Power up to 1000 W, LCD display, included ladle and holder, measuring cup and recipe book. All the splendor will take up space in your kitchen: 32×31.5×40.5 cm. The manufacturer promises one year warranty and then another year of post-warranty free service. Here you can check out reviews.


Pressure cooker PHILIPS Daily Collection HD2133/40
cheap multicooker

Another inexpensive pressure cooker, but from a well-known Dutch brand. This model has multicooker, steam cooker, auto-heat and delayed start modes, 14 automatic programs and manual time and temperature regulation - everything is available just like at any other device. The nicest thing is that the menu language is Ukrainian. In the case of any faults automatically turns off (and if the lid is not properly closed - and will not start). And yet in it automatically resets pressure and the valve has a special design that prevents clogging. The power is 900 Watt and the bowl is made of stainless steel.

Device dimensions also standard: 29,9×30,3×35,5 cm Includes a spoon, measuring cup and recipe book. The manufacturer gives 2 years warranty, and reviews mostly positive.


Slow cooker RUSSELL HOBBS 25630-56
sous-vide slow cooker

If you are going to rush only when catching fleas, and you do not need a turbo mode in the kitchen, pay attention to this gadget. It will also spark the interest of those who are into the trendy technique of sous vide cooking - slow steaming foods placed in a vacuum.

This unit is at the level of the most humble multicooker. Like in it, here you can adjust the temperature and cooking time, but the operating modes here are slightly different. In fact, there are only 4 of them: Slow Cooker, Sous-vide, Quenching and Baking with the smart probe - it allows you to constantly monitor the temperature inside the bowl. Heating occurs due to the heating element, the power of the device is small - 350 W. The temperature range is from 38 ° C to 91 ° C. There is also a digital microprocessor display, which displays all the parameters.

The body is made of steel and the bowl is ceramic with a tempered glass lid that fits perfectly, and the large handles on the sides do not heat up.

And the manufacturer also promises 2 years exchangeable warranty + 1 year when you register the product on the official website.

The color of the gadget is black, dimensions: 28×44×30 cm. Read herewhat users think about it.


REDMOND RMK-M451 EU Multicooker
multicooker multicooker

Our list would not be complete without devices like multicooker. Theoretically, it can replace the entire kitchen appliances together with the hostess.

The fundamental difference between multicooker and multicooker is that the heating element in it is flat and movable. Therefore, if you do not want to stew or bake, but fry a pancake, simply lift it and put the pan on it - like on an ordinary burner. And also with the raised heating element you can cook a small amount of food - when you need 1 - 2 portions, not a whole pan, and there is no need to waste resources. All cooking programs (there are 40 automatic programs) are available with the heating element either raised or lowered.

Aside from that, this molten device has all usual features of a multicooker such as delayed start, auto-heating (which can also be disabled if desired), 3D-heating and removable steam valve to accelerate and evenly cook food throughout the cup, modes of steam cooker and multicooker.

This gadget also comes with a hefty set of accessories: yoghurt maker, steam cooker, frying pan (this particular frying pan fits perfectly in diameter), tongs, spatula, ladle, measuring cup, and recipe book.

The 5-liter bowl has a ceramic non-stick coating, but it is still better to use the "native" spatula. Push-button control, LED display, menu language is Russian - all for ease of use.

Power 1000 W, the temperature can be adjusted from 35 ° C to 170 ° C. What else is left to tell you about this gadget? Only the size: 40,5 × 31 × 28,5 cm and the warranty - 2 years. And read all the rest in reviews.


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