Artificial intelligence camera recognizes "memorable" scenes and shoots them automatically

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 02.11.2021, 13:34
Artificial intelligence camera recognizes "memorable" scenes and shoots them automatically

A camera with artificial intelligence can recognize the scenes it "sees" to automatically capture the glamorous moments its owners would probably like to capture.

The device is owned by Canon, which has been working on a smart camera since February. It's based on artificial intelligence that recognizes the scenes seen through the lens. The AI decides which shots to take on its own. Owners can review the photos and decide which ones to keep.

Perhaps the advent of such AI means the end of the traditional "here comes the birdie" for photos at family gatherings or when visiting friends, when everyone lines up for "group selfies" and forces themselves to smile forcedly. Instead, all memorable moments are recorded and captured by a smart camera. It can also record video of key, impressive moments.

Canon PowerShot PX with a 19-57mm lens can move horizontally 340 degrees and tilt up and down 110 degrees. It has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The camera uses intelligent object tracking and face recognition to automatically "see" people and objects, keep them in focus at all times, and capture actions as they happen.

All this is complemented by voice control: if a person wants the camera to capture a specific moment or focus on a specific spot, a voice command will tell it where to direct its "attention". It is also possible to shoot Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second.

According to the manufacturer, the app automatically sends unsuccessful photos and videos to the trash. The latter is especially appealing to those who like to take lots of photos at family and friendly gatherings, followed by a long and agonizing review of photos, sorting and deleting unsuccessful frames. 

Source: theverge

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