Deathloop executive becomes chairman of Arcane Lyon

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 09.11.2021, 17:31
Deathloop executive becomes chairman of Arcane Lyon

Dinga Bakaba is a veteran Arcane, who has been with the studio for over a decade. In recent weeks, there has been a staffing reshuffle in the main division, during which Bokaba was appointed head Arcane Lyon.

Previously, this role at Lyon branch was Romuald Capron - he had worked at  Arcane since 2005. In October 2021 Capron announced, that he had "made the hard decision" to leave the company: he wanted to try something new in life and spend more time with his family. As Capron said, he is leaving Arcane Lyon in good hands - the hands of team leaders Deathloop.

Now Ding Bakaba has officially taken over as head of Arcane Lyon. Before  Deathloop he worked on the game systems of the first Dishonored, and was also the lead designer of Dishonored 2 yes  Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Recall that  Arcane has another division Arcane Austin. Apparently it is still headed by Harvey Smith Harvey Smith is the lead designer Deus Ex and creative director of both Dishonored. Now Smith along with the team Austin is busy with the cooperative action game Redfall.

The studio has distinguished itself with games such as Deathloop, and the Dishonored series.