Amazon Helps Open UK First Store Without Cash And Staff

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 18.11.2021, 13:15
Amazon Helps Open UK First Store Without Cash And Staff

American retail giant Amazon has begun leveraging its technology to competitors in Europe. Sainsbury's, the UK's second largest grocery chain, is preparing to open the doors of its first standalone store, which uses Amazon's latest AI algorithms, according to available information. Interestingly, both companies are hiding their joint work.

Sainsbury's first store without cash registers or staff is located next to the company's headquarters on Holburn Street. Sainsbury's intends to launch this grocery supermarket later this month. According to the official statement, everyone will be able to visit one of the first stand-alone stores in London on November 29 this year.

The new supermarket uses high-resolution cameras with built-in artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze information about products and visitors. Customers will choose the products they need on their own, and then simply leave the store. Payment is made automatically upon exit. The company emphasizes that their system does not use facial recognition technology, does not transfer customer data to third parties, and stores everything recorded by cameras for only 30 days.

The company even launched a special site with detailed description shopping process. From a technical point of view, Sainsbury's solution is absolutely similar to Amazon Go stores, the first of which opened in the US in 2018.

A source: bloombergtelecoms