Twin crossover for Don't Starve and Terraris

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 19.11.2021, 16:18
Twin crossover for Don't Starve and Terraris

Survival games Terraria and Don't Starve Together received an eye for an eye double update, where they exchanged different things and creatures. In honor of the release, studio Klei prepared a cartoon trailer, which shows how the unification of worlds began. 

What's new in these updates? 

Don't Starve: Together 

  • In the world of the game, you can find the Terrarium - it allows you to fight the Eye of Fear or the Twins of Fear. Each boss is rewarded with unique items of equipment and statues. The fights are accompanied by fresh music.
  • New recipes for food have appeared.
  • Some items now have skins in the style Terraria... These can only be purchased on spools of thread from the Traveling Merchant.
  • Anyone who logs into the game for the next patch in December will be given a terrible chest with six skins.


  • The game has become available Constant - "sed", which launches a separate world with a crossover on Don't Starve Together.
  • In this world, special rules apply: darkness becomes dangerous to health, you need to satisfy your hunger, and shaders and lighting are stylized as Don't starve...
  • Cyclops Deer can be found in the ice biome. He has his own music from the already mentioned studio Klei... Fighting the boss is recommended in the middle or late stages of development, before the "hard mode".
  • Added more than 25 items based on Don't starve, including pets, weapons and cosmetics. For example, Chester - in  Terraria he also plays the role of a chest that follows you on your heels. Crossover items can drop everywhere, but Constant has a higher chance.

As part of the crossing of two games, they also came up with merchandise and monasteries for the Steam Points Store - animated avatars and frames.  Both games are currently on sale at a discount. 

Obviously, "Eye for an eye" released only on PC.