Sony's AI racer in Gran Turismo has learnt to drift

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 15.09.2023, 13:12
Sony's AI racer in Gran Turismo has learnt to drift

Sony's artificial intelligence system GT Sophy, who plays Gran Turismo 7, has mastered the drifting technique.

Here's What We Know

A video from the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 event shows an AI-driven car drifting around a track. This skill is not available to most players, even in arcade races like Mario Kart.

Previously, cyber athletes have tried unsuccessfully to beat GT Sophy. The ability to drift makes the AI an even stronger opponent.


Sony unveiled the GT Sophy in October 2022. The AI agent is the result of more than six years of development using deep reinforcement learning techniques. As a result, the AI has learnt to drive the car within the rules of the game.

When Sophy was first shown to the public, it was already proficient in various racing tactics such as slipstreaming, passing and blocking.

The developers said they will continue to improve the AI and make it a part of the game. Last year, regular Gran Turismo 7 players could battle GT Sophy for a limited time.

Source: Engadget