Ecosystem Xiaomi: 7 QCY gadgets for wireless audio

By: yashnyk | 11.05.2023, 23:08
Ecosystem Xiaomi: 7 QCY gadgets for wireless audio

Xiaomi is constantly attracting beginners start-ups, which helps it to develop its own ecosystem of products. Although not all the partners of the company are beginning to work from scratch. When Xiaomi interest zone was the manufacturer Audio QCY, he managed to earn a certain notoriety.

The history of the brand began in 2003 with the founding of the company Dongguan Hele Electronics, which develops Bluetooth-headset. Producer from the beginning made a bet on the quality, it has helped to achieve a strategic partnership with technology giant Samsung and Motorola in 2006 (though what exactly it consisted - not reported). Own Brand QCY was registered in 2009, while the supply of branded products only began in late 2012. After the opening of the flagship store on Tmall in the beginning of 2013th things quickly went up the hill, and QCY became the most popular brand of wireless headsets at the largest Chinese online sites.

The first devices QCY

In April 2014 Xiaomi and related Shunwei Capital fund invested in the company 30 million yuan - almost $ 5 million at the time. Hele Electronics enters the ecosystem Mi and creates a joint venture Lanmi HK Limited (Chinese name蓝米translated as "Blue Figure"). Later he renamed Dongguan Liesheng Electronics. It is here that created Headset Mi the Bluetooth Headset, sports headphones Mi Sports, as well as a fully wireless Redmi AirDots and Mi AirDots (for Pro-version Mi Air True Wireless Earphones meets a different partner). The division also produces headphones Haylou in fashionable now True Wireless format (TWS), while maintaining a degree of independence from Xiaomi. But back to QCY.

Also in 2014 the manufacturer has picked up the trend sports Bluetooth-headset and released QCY QY7, which immediately became a bestseller in China. The team also has experience in creating overhead headphones, but by 2018 the lineup remained some "gag". The priority were completely wireless solution, the first such model became QCY T1 (as they T1C and QS1), which are still very popular. And yes, naming - not the strongest side QCY. Device names are often  on site and official page in Facebook are not the same, even with the option chain store on by AliExpress.

Since 2016 Hele Electronics parallel to promote the brand Jesbod, eventually deciding to focus on QCY. Shown above are the same QY13 headphones with different nameplates

According to the data of Counterpoint Research, QCY among the five most popular brands TWS-headphone. On this optimistic note, we go directly to the selection of interesting gadgets.

1. QCY QS2 (T1S)

Already mentioned TWS-headphones QCY T1 have a good price-performance ratio, and remain one of the best selling gadgets on AliExpress. But there is one thing: in the case without the lid constantly stuffed dust and debris. Better just once to look at the updated QCY QS2 with cover, all the more so during the sales you can buy them for a few dollars more. "Droplets" of both models are identical in design, and here and there use the same chip with support for Bluetooth 5.0 and codec AAC, and battery life up to four hours. Case in which fit more capacious battery at 800 mA · h, provides up to 32 hours of music listening intermittently to recharge to 20 hours at T1. Mechanical button on the "droplets" allows you to switch tracks by double-clicking. Additional silicone tips help you choose the optimal fit.

Each earpiece can be used separately as a Bluetooth-headset. Although in the case of this function QS2 unlikely to be useful - the interlocutor in noisy environments can be difficult to make out the words. In normal mode, the microphone is active right earpiece, and if you bring it to his mouth, a little improved audibility. audio delay during video playback is minimal, in games it is more noticeable.

QCY QS2 are available in black and white versions. Competition headphones make Xiaomi Redmi AirDots in a compact case, but with the autonomy they have worse.

Price: $ 22.47. Want to buy!

2. QCY T3

QCY T3 got another hull form and touch control with the ability to adjust volume without taking your smartphone - just swipe your finger on the "legs". Although by gestures still need to be accustomed. At first, the user can call a voice assistant or skip over several tracks, simply adjusting the earpiece. T3 equipped with energy-efficient chip Realtek-enabled Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC codec. They play about 5 hours, the battery in the case enough for four full charge to the general 25 hours of battery life. With the addition of the second microphone voice quality during the call has increased, albeit slightly.

Despite some similarities with the "pads» Apple AirPods, is co-channel model. All because of non-standard ear cushions, they are the same - the reason the ambiguous reviews owners. As it turned out, the sound strongly depends on the shape of the ear, and if QCY T3 sit loose, low frequencies fail dramatically. When using alternative nozzles there is another problem: just put headphones in the box and are not charged. 

In QCY taken care of protection from sweat and rain, but only for the headphone itself. Case need to keep away from water.

Price: $ 32.20. Want to buy!

3. QCY QY31

Sport Headset QCY subsides during active movements of the head due to a special BTE. QY31 can simultaneously work with two devices, the user does not have to be switched every time the connection between the smart phone and a laptop / tablet. Grope hand control is also not necessary - all the buttons are located on the right earpiece. Pending APTX codec, while working on an average volume of about 6-7 hours.

QCY QY31 protected from sweat and splashes (standard IPX4). Earphones weigh only 13 grams and is hardly felt on the head. The box manufacturer put two pairs of ear cushions in different sizes, and if does not fit any of the options, you can attach any other. Special slider allows you to tighten the wire behind (it is longer than it might seem on the images), so that nothing is dangling

Price: $ 18.70. Want to buy!

4. QCY M1S

One of the cheapest headphones QCY nothing to impress music lovers, but for listening to music in the background, they work quite well. M1S come with three sets of ear cushions and special nozzles for better fixation in the ear. The manufacturer promises up to 8 hours of battery life, the real figures are modest - the volume "above average" single charge lasts about 5-6 hours. Headphones connected to a thin cable, remote control is embedded on the right side. With the help of magnets headset closes around the neck, however, the clutch is not very reliable. The automatic pause there.

QCY MS1 protected from water standard IPX5 and is also suitable for training. Owners say good mic work (in the old headphones of the same format it consider that it was not).

Price: $ 13.90. Want to buy!

5. QCY the L2

The main highlight of QCY L2 become active noise cancellation system. Before the reference in this regard Sony WH-1000XM3 objectively it does not hold, but with monotonous noise (especially bass) copes well. Worse things from blowing into the microphone wind and riding on a bumpy road, in such situations, instead of muting unwanted noise can be created even more noise. This is a feature of all budget ANC-headphone.

Management in QCY L2 sensor. The bottom button on the arc responsible for a pause, playback and answers calls. Microphone here, by the way, good. By briefly pressing the middle button increases the volume, and if you hold your finger, the sound becomes quieter. The top has a LED-light and noise reduction controls, which for some reason continues to run after switching off the headphones, and therefore it should be turned off separately.

Formally, the headset applies to sports lineup, there is even a water protection level IPX4, but due to accidental contact during the intensive training she begins to live his life. QCY L2 should be considered only as a model for everyday wear with a bonus in the form of a waterproof housing. Despite the claims of the codec AAC, some smart phones for some reason, use an ordinary SBC.

Headphones let you listen to music continuously up to 13 hours, with an active ANC-system - no more than 10 hours.

Price: $ 22.98. Want to buy!

6. QCY QM1

Under the brand QCY still available of Bluetooth-headset for calls. QM1 - more affordable model in the shape of a bean. Due to the symmetrical shape is equally comfortable to wear the headset in both the left and the right ear. Inside working chip Bluetooth 5.0, and the battery 40 mAh designed for 3 hours listening to audio or 2.5 hours of talk time. Because the microphone is one, and it is far enough on the street and in noisy places becomes difficult to hear.

Sometimes headset sold under a different name QCY MINI2. A choice of two colors: black and white. The package besides charging cable and instructions includes a pair of silicone tips. Connector for charging plug is hidden behind.

Cost: $ 7.92. Want to buy!

7. QCY QQ1000

Portable speakers co-developed with Emie team, known in narrow circles for its original approach to design engineering. It is evident that QCY QQ1000 created with great attention to detail. Body in the form of a truncated cylinder makes it possible to direct the sound toward the user, and turning a special ring in the upper part, you can adjust the volume. Its current level is displayed by means of a circular LED-backlight - friendly. Embedded 52 mm speaker produces up to 3 watts of power. If this will seem a little, you can take two columns and make of them a stereo pair. Do not forget the creators and on the microphone to answer calls. Battery capacity 950 mAh provides up to 10 hours of battery life.

QCY QQ1000 get really interesting, though the price tag for the Chinese brand rather big speakers. The model can be recommended to those who are important design. The rest is easy to find a more powerful alternative to the competition.

Cost: $ 30. Want to buy!