Meizu introduced headphones Halo with luminous wires and an analog of AirPods for $ 79

By: Elena Shcherban | 22.04.2018, 22:50
Meizu introduced headphones Halo with luminous wires and an analog of AirPods for $ 79

Meizu today held a presentation, in   which, in addition to the " anniversary " line of flagship smartphones Meizu 15 , introduced two new headphones   - Meizu Pop and   Meizu Halo.

Meizu Halo

This is supposedly wireless premium headphones , the feature of which is a luminous wire that connects the headphones themselves   the control module. Wires contain fiber, which   emits light. The backlight can be blue and   Red.

FROM   Using the control module, you can adjust the volume of the music, reduce or increase the brightness of the backlight, or turn it off altogether.

Battery capacity of headphones 360   mAh. One charge is enough for   5 hours of work with   illumination and   on   15 hours without it.

Among   other characteristics   - the volume is 96 dB   on   1 kHz, the frequency range from   20 Hz   before   20 kHz, diaphragm with a diameter of 10   mm and   Bluetooth 4.1 for connection to   smartphone.

Sales Meizu Halo will start on April 29 (as well as   Meizu 15). Their   value   - 999 yuan (158   dollars).

Meizu Pop

These are wireless headphones like the AirPods that go to   bundled with   a charging case. You can manage them with   using your smartphone or touch the   the surface of the headphones. She switches and   stops songs, accepts or rejects calls, and   includes a voice assistant.

Headphone charging is enough for   3 hours of work. The case has its own battery with a capacity of 700   mAh, then   there is he   can fully charge Meizu Pop 4 times. The charge level shows LED-backlighting .

Headphones are very light   - on   5.8 g   everyone, and   also have protection from   spray IPX5. They will also go to   sale on April 29 from   price tag in   499 yuan (about 79   dollars).

Source: Gizmochina