Lei Jun reveals details of Xiaomi's first electric car

By: Myroslav Trinko | 13.04.2021, 16:07
Lei Jun reveals details of Xiaomi's first electric car

Last week, Xiaomi officially confirmed that it is entering the electric vehicle market, and now details about the first new product have appeared on the network.

What is known

The company's CEO Lei Jun hosted a live broadcast on Weibo to honor of the 11th anniversary of Xiaomi. The CEO told fans that Xiaomi's first electric car will be a sedan or crossover. The company has not yet decided on the type of body, but knowing the popularity of Tesla Model Y in China, it is likely that the manufacturer will  choose the second option.

As for the price, the new product, according to Jun, will cost around 15-45 thousand US dollars. That is, we are talking about a car in a budget or medium price segment.

Finally, the CEO also debated whether to produce an electric car under Xiaomi trademark or to make a separate brand for the novelty. The company is still thinking about this issue, but Lei Jun believes that the new Xiaomi logo could fit into the future electric car.

Source: ITHome