Digital Foundry experts are delighted with the technical execution of the action game Hi-Fi Rush

By: Anton Kratiuk | 04.02.2023, 21:50

Digital Foundry's experts have taken a look at the technical state of rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush, and have been absolutely delighted with the project from Tango Gameworks.

Here's What We Know

The unexpectedly released game surprised the experts with its top-notch quality. The game does not freeze, does not freeze, does not lag, and frame rate does not fall below 60 FPS on all platforms. The most surprising is that Hi-Fi Rush avoided the common problem of freezing during shader compilation.

Digital Foundry specialists summarise: Hi-Fi Rush works perfectly on PC and both versions of the Xbox Series. Digital Foundry recommends the game from the Japanese devs to all gamers and even names Hi-Fi Rush as a candidate for Best Game of the Year (in terms of technical execution).