A new Microsoft Outlook Lite app for Android is coming in July

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 10.07.2022, 17:21
A new Microsoft Outlook Lite app for Android is coming in July

Microsoft is developing a smaller and faster Outlook Lite mobile email client for Android. The giant described the application in detail in the Microsoft 365 roadmap. There, he describes Outlook Lite as "an app for Android that delivers the core benefits of Outlook in a smaller size with high performance for low-end devices on any network."

The roadmap shows that Outlook Lite will be available globally this month. ZDNet reports that Outlook Lite is already available in several countries, so Microsoft appears to be preparing it for a wider release. Microsoft's own documentation for Outlook Lite suggests that only Outlook, Hotmail, Live and MSV accounts can be added to the client - there will be no support for work or school accounts.

Meta was one of the first major developers to release a lightweight version of its original Facebook app for Android. Facebook Lite appeared in 2015 with a size of only 1 MB, and was aimed directly at developing markets. Google followed it with its "Go" line of lightweight Android apps, including Gmail Go in 2018. 

Microsoft is also involved in testing the program Outlook for Windows. The new program is at the testing stage and is based on Outlook on the Internet. In the coming years, the client will replace Outlook for Windows. 

Source: The Verge