Portugal sent M113A2 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 14.07.2022, 10:58
Portugal sent M113A2 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive Portuguese armored vehicles M113A2.

What we know

How many combat vehicles Ukraine will receive is not yet specified. A photograph has appeared on the network, which shows four trucks. At least three of them are carrying two armored personnel carriers each.

M113A2 is a modification of the APC M113. It was developed in 1979. The modernization improved engine cooling by changing the location of the radiator and fan. Torsions of increased strength allowed to increase ground clearance. The introduction of new shock absorbers reduced the negative effect when hitting the ground.

The height of M113A2 is 2.52 m and the width is 2.69 mm, as in the standard M113. At the same time, the length of the armored personnel carrier has increased from 4.86 m to 5.3 m due to the use of external fuel tanks. This also caused an increase in weight from 9.13 to 10.31 tonnes.

M113A2 is equipped with a 6-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine from General Motors. Power output is 212 hp. The APC can reach a speed of 64 km/h on the highway and 5.8 km/h afloat. Range is almost 500 km.

Source: @bochkala_war

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