India tests laser guided anti-tank missile

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 09.08.2022, 22:13
India tests laser guided anti-tank missile

The Indian Army tested a new anti-tank missile system mounted on a tank Arjun.

What we know

The Indian military has successfully tested the Arjun tank with a guided missile, which was developed by the agency DRDO (Directorate of Advanced Projects). The Defense Department tested the missile system at two ranges. In both cases it successfully destroyed the desired target.

The anti-tank missile system has laser guidance and engages a tandem fragmentation warhead. The caliber is 120 mm. The DRDO stated that the missile can destroy enemy armored vehicles with dynamic protection.

As for Arjun, it is the main tank of the Indian Army. It was adopted into service in 2004. The tank uses ammunition APFSDS, SPFSDS II and HESH.

Source: Army Recognition

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