Announced Avatar: Reconing - a mobile game about Pandora

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 14.01.2022, 16:57
Announced Avatar: Reconing - a mobile game about Pandora

Thirteen years after the premiere of "Avatar", various developers have finally started announcing various projects around the game universe. Yes, Tencent and Disney have announced that they are preparing a mobile IMO RPG "Avatar: Reckoning" - a game in the setting of Pandora.

Players will explore the world "Avatar" : visit previously unseen parts of the planet, meet new clans and fight off alien invaders who want to get to the depths of Pandora. This can be done in three modes: single with story missions, designed for many users or in a cooperative.

MMORPG is a Chinese studio Archosaur Games, which specializes in mobile entertainment. The company has already released several applications, including role-playing MMO World of Kings and action about naval battles Naval Creed: Warships.

Avatar: Reckoning developed for iOS and Android devices. The release of the game is scheduled for 2022. Closed beta testing will begin in Canada in January.

This is not the only project out  "Avatar", what is being prepared will be released in the same year 2022 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora from  Ubisoft Massive . This action adventure is created for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and in the cloud services Stadia and Luna.