Gboard split keyboard for tablets and foldables is coming soon

By: Michael Korgs | 26.05.2022, 14:05
Gboard split keyboard for tablets and foldables is coming soon

If you've ever used Gboard in landscape mode or on a large screen tablet, you probably know that it's not very comfortable. The same with foldable phones: the stretched keyboard layout makes it hard to reach the keys comfortably. But as part of its recent push to optimize Andriod apps for larger screens, Google is now working on a new keyboard layout for Gboard.

The new layout that Gboard is testing layout with the keyboard divided into two halves. This will speed up and simplify typing without having to do thumb exercises. The concept itself is not new, because Samsung Keyboard and Switfkey already had a split keyboard for a while. Gboard is just playing catch up.

An important difference between the split layout of Gboard and Samsung Keyboard is how they implement the space bar. The Samsung Keyboard is split by the space bar, so each half has its own space bar. Gboard, on the other hand, uses the long unshared space bar. Another notable difference is that the Gboard layout duplicates certain keys on both sides, while the Samsung Keyboard simply splits the layout in half.

Note that the new split keyboard has not yet been presented to users. The feature is currently not available. We don't know when Google plans to roll it out to everyone. It's also unclear if this will be exclusive to foldable smartphones and tablets, or if it will be available for standard phones as well.