Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 20 PD-2 drones worth $8,500,000

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 24.06.2022, 15:05
Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 20 PD-2 drones worth $8,500,000

The Turn Back Alive Foundation has implemented the largest project in its history. Charitable organization purchased 10 unmanned systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine PD -2 Ukrainian production.

What is known

The corresponding statement was made by the founder of the fund Taras Chmut. The total cost of ten complexes was approximately UAH 300,000,000 or $8,500,000.

The aviation complex includes two unmanned aerial vehicles PD-2 and one vehicle converted into a mobile UAV command post. Thus, the Armed Forces will receive 20 drones and 10 vehicles.

PD-2 developed by a Ukrainian company UkrSpecSystems. The drone is equipped with an internal combustion engine and can cover more than 1000 km on a full tank. In this case, the flight radius from the command post is 200 km.

PD-2 is a fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle. It can rise into the air both from the runway and vertically. Battery life is 12 hours. The drone is equipped with a 30 zoom camerax. It is complemented by a thermal imager with a 5x zoom.

The UAV supports automatic target interleaving tracking. The manufacturer claims the ability to determine the coordinates of the target at a distance of more than 5 km. Another feature PD-2 is the use of military communication standards with pseudo-random frequency hopping, which increases resistance to signal suppression.

Source: Fund "Turn back alive"

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