Google introduced Android Oreo (Go edition) for budget smartphones

By: Bohdan Chub | 05.12.2017, 11:23
Google introduced Android Oreo (Go edition) for budget smartphones

At the Google I / O 2017 conference, developers of the search giant presented a light version of the operating system for inexpensive smartphones with 1 GB or even 512 MB of RAM - Android Go. Now the project team has released an update based on Android Oreo.

What's new?


In Android Oreo (Go edition), developers focused on optimizing the device, and not on "ryushechkah." To free up as much memory as possible, the developers have created special versions of company branded applications, including Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go and Files Go . In the operating system also tried to minimize the consumption of traffic. A Chrome browser, for example, will skip traffic through Google's servers to compress images and other data. The new Datally application is also on the list.

In Google, state employees with Android Oreo (Go edition) work 15% faster, and the user can have twice as much memory compared to the standard version of the platform. In the Google Play store, the company will also provide third-party applications that are optimized for Android Go.

When to expect?

The first devices of partners with Android Oreo (Go edition) will appear in early 2018. Google adds that the next update Android Go will be released without such large delays relative to the main release (the eighth version of the "green robot" was released in August).

In the framework of another Android One program, device manufacturers cooperate with Google and guarantee updates to the operating system. For Android Go terms are not so strict. Theoretically a simplified version of the OS can be used by anyone (although for access to Google applications gadgets will have to be certified ).

Source: Google