Starbucks goes into augmented reality

By: Bohdan Chub | 05.12.2017, 18:33
Starbucks goes into augmented reality

This week in Shanghai, opened the largest coffee house Starbucks in the world with the pathos name Reserve Roastery. In addition to rare coffee varieties, a tasting room and a special zone for demonstrating the roasting of grains, the company prepared another surprise - augmented reality.

How it works?

Augmented_App _-_ Shanghai_Roastery-2.JPG

At the entrance to the cafe visitors are offered to download the branded application. In the augmented reality mode, users can look inside the barrel with grains, learn about the principle of the roaster, the secrets of making fragrant coffee and so on. It is enough simply to point the camera at the object of interest, and the system itself recognizes the scene. Hints will help to find new interesting places in the coffee house. By the way, the Chinese partner Alibaba is responsible for the software.

Whether Starbucks is planning to run the application in other network coffeehouses is unheard of, but this is clearly not the last experiment of the company with augmented reality.

Source: Starbucks

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