Samsung patented smart clothes that generate human energy

Smart clothes from   Samsung itself will produce electricity, not   requiring additional recharging.

Samsung patented smart clothes that generate human energy

Samsung has filed a new patent in   WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on   the development of " smart clothes " with its own power generator .

What was shown

Smart clothing from   Samsung will be able to charge gadgets and   perform other useful functions without   requiring recharging your own battery. It will generate the energy of the movement of its owner. Special sensors located on   The entire surface will collect information about the   user activity, therefore, most likely, such clothes can become and   fitness tracker .


How much energy can generate an invention   - in   Samsung does not   clarify, but   the patent mentions " light battery of small capacity " .

" The present invention relates to   portable electronic device that activates the sensor with   The use of electrical energy generated by an electric generator, and   determines the activity of the user on   based on data from   sensor " ,   - it says in   document.

This technology can be used both in   clothes, and   shoes, trousers and   even gloves and   hats.


Perhaps, this clothing will join the collection of the Samsung The HumanFit brand, which   Last year he presented a " smart suit " and   special clutch with   built-in solar panels for recharging gadgets.

A   that u   other

Smart clothes   - far from   a twist for a spoiled user. AT   this year Google and   Levi's   A smart jumper, Commuter Trucker Jacket, that can manage gadgets for   Bluetooth: receive calls, switch songs to   player , etc.

In addition, there are sports suits that track   health status, hats with   BT-headset , sneakers with   activity tracking and   route and   even socks with   RFID tags that never   will be lost.

Source: Lets Go   Digital