Study: 98% of fake charge for iPhone are dangerous

By: Bohdan Chub | 11.12.2017, 17:34
Study: 98% of fake charge for iPhone are dangerous

Specialists of the British company Electrical Safety First checked the safety of 50 fake chargers for the iPhone and came to disappointing conclusions. Every third charge failed absolutely all tests, and almost all (49, to be precise) did not pass a series of tests to the end.

Only one left

Chargers were bought online, retail stores and small kiosks in the UK. Electrical tests have shown that more than half of the subjects present a serious risk of electric shock. In 68% of the products, either the components did not meet the quality standards, or the insulation was inadequate.

Among the remaining charge, another 15 were eliminated on mechanical tests - a flimsy fork could break at the most inopportune moment when removed from the outlet. The only charger, to which there were no claims, looks rather a rare exception to the rule.

Saving to the detriment of

Counterfeiting can cost the life and health of the user, so experts urge buying only Apple-certified accessories (MFi) and only in trusted stores. Users of Android-devices should also be careful - not all charges are equally useful.

Last year, a similar study was conducted by the British organization Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Then the specialists rejected 99% of the 400 non-original charges for the iPhone.

Source: iDrop News