Xiaomi launched Yeelight Voice Assistant - Chinese clone of Amazon Echo Dot

By: Bohdan Chub | 28.12.2017, 14:21
Xiaomi launched Yeelight Voice Assistant - Chinese clone of Amazon Echo Dot

At the Xiaomi crowdsfunding in China, the fundraising for "clever" assistant Yeelight Voice Assistant began. The miniature column instantly became a hit - in the first hour after the start of the campaign the number of orders exceeded 10 thousand.

Familiar design

It seems that the designers of Yeelight took a vacation, and the engineers just put their electronics in the case of Amazon Echo Dot. Yeelight Voice Assistant is only available in white color and received an additional button for turning off the sound, otherwise it is an almost exact copy of the competitor. As for the features, there is a 64-bit processor with four cores ARM Cortex-A53 at 1.2 GHz, operative and built-in memory of 256 megabytes inside. There is a 2 W speaker, as well as several microphones for noise suppression and command recognition within a radius of 5 meters. Adapter Wi-Fi dual-band. Of interesting - it supports the connection of smart home sensors via Bluetooth. In this way, they can communicate with the gateway of the Multifunctional Gateway.

Yeelight Voice Assistant is able to manage home appliances, and thanks to the integrated chat-bot Xiaoice from Microsoft, you can conduct a dialogue with it. It is not yet known whether an international version of the gadget is planned (if it exists, the "brain" of the system is likely to become the voice assistant Cortana).

How much is?

In the Chinese market, Yeelight Voice Assistant is available for about $ 30, and the device will ship on January 31st. Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini will cost you the same amount (but the offer is limited in time). The Xiaomi line also has its own smart speaker Mi AI Speaker for $ 46.

Source: Xiaomi