In WhatsApp there will be "stories" from Instagram

By: Elena Shcherban | 06.01.2018, 11:50
In WhatsApp there will be "stories" from Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg has long dreamed of uniting his most successful projects (Facebook, Instagram and   WhatsApp) in   structure, and seems to be making sure steps in the   this direction. Now in   WhatsApp it will be possible to lay out "stories" ( slideshow with   photo, 10-second video and   inscriptions) from   Instagram, and only in   a couple of clicks.

Now the innovation is tested in   Brazil. For this, it is necessary in   Instagram press the " Share " button, then choose from   list application WhatsApp and   click the " Send " button. The selected " history " appears in the   status of WhatsApp.

Judging by   publications of Brazilians, to distinguish Instagram-history from   status of WhatsApp   icon below: in   the first case will be a plus,   second   - The Instagram logo.


Apparently, the new feature is designed to increase the popularity of statuses in   WhatsApp and   increase the number of views of " stories " . Although the latter have already won their place under the sun: despite   that the idea is borrowed from   Snapchat, it is the " stories " of Instagram that have become more popular.

Recall, also the " stories " from   Instagram can be added to   your page in   Facebook. When such a   the function will fully work   WhatsApp by   the whole world   - is still unknown.

Source: TechCrunch