Mobile Projector Sony MP-CD1: 120-inch screen in your pocket

By: Bohdan Chub | 11.01.2018, 11:09
Mobile Projector Sony MP-CD1: 120-inch screen in your pocket

One of the novelties of Sony, presented at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, was a portable projector MP-CD1 Mobile Projector the size of a little more than a smartphone.

How it works?

Sony MP-CD1 uses DLP IntelliBright technology from Texas Instruments. It allows using the special algorithms to significantly increase the brightness and contrast of the picture without gain in the energy consumed. Inside there is a fan for cooling the lamp, it works almost silently. The maximum resolution is 854x480 pixels, the brightness is 105 ANSI-lumen, and the contrast is 400: 1. The diagonal of the image is declared up to 120 inches.

The projector can simply be placed horizontally on the table, although there is also a tripod mount. Automatic trapezoidal distortion correction is provided. Built-in battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh provides up to two hours of operation. It is charged via USB Type-C port (5V / 3A) and can be used to power up other gadgets. Alas, wireless connection to a smartphone or a computer is only available when using special HDMI adapters. The novelty is ready to work already in 5 seconds after switching on.

How much is?

Sony MP-CD1 will go on sale in the spring for $ 400. In the company's lineup, there is another pocket model MP-CL1A with a higher resolution, Wi-Fi support and the same price tag, but the maximum brightness is noticeably lower - 32 lumens.

Source: Sony