Zuckerberg impoverished by $ 3 billion after a statement about the changes in Facebook

After the announcement of the changes in   Facebook co-founder lost $ 3.3   billion state and   one position in   ranking the richest people in the world

Zuckerberg impoverished by $ 3 billion after a statement about the changes in Facebook

What happened

Mark Zuckerberg began to fulfill his New Year's promise to improve Facebook , announcing a change of priorities in   news feed in   posts from   native and   friends. The consequences of such a statement are not   forced themselves to wait a long time: the company's shares collapsed on   4.5%. Apparently, not   everyone likes the idea of ​​reducing the   sotsseti amount of content from   companies, brands and   MASS MEDIA.

AT   Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has already lost 3.3   billion dollars of its wealth and   one position in   ranking of the richest people in the world   version of Bloomberg . Having previously occupied the fourth line with   77.5   mrd, now he   The former president of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, gave way to   which 76   billion. A   at   the back is already breathing Mexican businessman Carlos Slim with   its 64.1   billion

Two scenarios of events

Earlier on   Such consequences have already been warned by John Battelle, author of Wired and   NewCo. is he   explained two scenarios for   which Zuckerberg could go after his loud statement to improve Facebook. First   Is the identification of problems that have arisen recently, but   who all   do not   Facebook is the main " trouble " : it is tolerance, incitement of hatred, spent on   sotsseti time , etc. In   As a result of this scenario, the company's shares continue to grow, Zuckerberg does not   looks empty-headed, and   money from   advertising " drip " on   company accounts.

But, it seems, Mark chose the second option   - real changes in the   people's   not   advertisers. AT   In this case, the journalist predicted criticism from   corporations and   tens of billions of losses, which, as we see, and   occurs. what   f, in   This situation can only wish the Mark luck and   hope for   the early return of the old-good Facebook.

Source: Bloomberg , NewCo