Smart column Google Home Max "lies" the Wi-Fi of its users

Google Home Max and TP-Link Archer C7 complain of Wi-Fi failures

Smart column Google Home Max "lies" the Wi-Fi of its users

Owners of Google Home Max report a failure in the operation of Wi-Fi when connecting a smart speaker to the TP-Link Archer.

Users of the Google forum started thread, where they discuss problems in the work of Home Max. So, the majority complains about the disruption of the Wi-Fi network when the smart speaker is connected.

"My Google Home Max arrived today. The initial installation was successful, everything worked, but then my Wi-Fi "dropped", and only restarting the modem and the router could solve this problem. It happened a couple of times until I realized that the reason in Max. I tried to stream radio or Spotify, but Wi-Fi was "dying" and I had to restart, "wrote the forum user.

Similar problems occurred with the Nexus Player a few months ago. Note that this is not the case with all owners of Google Home Max, but only users of TP-Link Archer C7. Google itself has already learned about the problem and is working on its solution.