Panasonic will build its first "smart city" in the US

The company promises to   2026 to turn a vacant lot into a   Colorado in   " City of the future " with   unmanned vehicles and   solar panels

Panasonic will build its first "smart city" in the US

AT   scale program CityNow company Panasonic, one of the   most well-known manufacturers of consumer electronics, turns a wasteland into   In   " City of the future " .

Where and   What will happen

Panasonic promises to completely transform 162 hectares   vacant land in   Colorado, near   the airport of Denver. Here, work is boiling: there are devices for distributing free Wi-Fi , LED street lights, air pollution sensors, solar panels and   security cameras. Thanks to energy micro networks, which are partially powered by   sun, the city will be able to   The case of a 72-hour power outage exists autonomously.

An integral part of the " smart city " will be unmanned vehicles. Behind   $ 72   million for   highway section length 24   km high-tech road X system to be deployed   for data exchange with   autonomous cars. A   In the spring there will be an unmanned bus, which will run from   railway station to   stops passing through   territory of Denver.

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When to expect

The company promises to complete all the work and   to present an " intelligent city " to   2026 year. If the project is successful   - such initiatives can be deployed and   at   other cities of America.

TO   this is Panasonic's first experience in   The USA, but   not   The only one: a few years ago the company introduced the " smart city " of Fujisawa in   50   km to   west of   Tokyo, where 1000 houses are connected to   solar power system.

Also, Smart City is built by the Chinese company Baidu, the Google corporation in conjunction with   Sidewalk Labs and   one of the creators of Microsoft Bill Gates.

Source: Business Insider