Guide Facebook promises to make Messenger less littered

By: Eugene Sherban | 17.01.2018, 17:30
Guide Facebook promises to make Messenger less littered

It seems that in   Facebook began stripping the stables. Following the promises (and actions ) of Mark Zuckerberg to return the social network to her   old lampwork, there were news about   changes in the   Facebook Messenger application.

After Messenger a couple of years ago became a separate application, with   it began to happen something strange. At first he   worked as a clock, but   Then the development team was fascinated by the addition of new features and   After 2 years, Facebook Messenger became similar to   apartment of a person who suffers from   Plyushkin's syndrome.

That's   the head of the division Messenger David Marcus admitted that they got carried away a little. By   his words, they did understand that the messenger in   First of all, people need to send messages. Then everything else. Therefore, one of the   personal goals of Marcus on   2018 will be the purification of the application from   unnecessary and   not   settled husk.

Source: Facebook