Google Fuchsia OS launched on Pixelbook

By: miroslav-trinko | 19.01.2018, 17:01
Google Fuchsia OS launched on Pixelbook

Google Fuchsia is another operating system that Google develops simultaneously with Chrome OS and Android. The manufacturer has been working on it since 2016, but still does not disclose information about the platform.

Yesterday, one of the leading authors of the resource ArsTechnica Ron Amadeo (Ron Amadeo) published an article in which he told about Google Fuchsia and demonstrated its work on Pixelbook.

OS Features


The current version of Fuchsia OS has a special interface with the name Armadillo. Unlike Android, which runs on the Linux kernel, the new UI runs on the core of its own production - Zircon. Google Fuchsia is written from the ground up and its documentation says that the platform "is aimed at modern phones and personal computers with high performance".


When you start the system, you can choose the interface for a laptop or smartphone. Naturally, you can not test Fuchsia on a mobile device, but you can see how the interface will look on both devices in the future. Now the OS supports the keyboard, touchpad and external USB devices (for example, you can connect a mouse). In this version, Wi-Fi does not work and the Pixelbook is heated very much. This is not surprising, because the system is still at an early stage of development.


The home screen is similar to Android: widget with calendar and time, battery indicator and Wi-Fi. While there are no applications, but in the future they will be in a special menu, which opens from the bottom. And again, it reminds the Pixel Launcher interface in Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

When to expect

It's hard to say when Google will introduce Fuchsia. Perhaps the final version will have to wait a few more years. But the "Corporation of Goodness" can show part of the OS at the annual conference for developers of Google I / O already this year.

Source: AndroidAuthority