Telegram X for Android turned out to be an unofficial client [updated]

By: miroslav-trinko | 23.01.2018, 00:55
Telegram X for Android turned out to be an unofficial client [updated]

UPDATED : Telegram X turned out to be an official customer

In newsfeeds, the news that the second official client of the popular instant messenger, Telegram X for Android-devices, flashes every now and then. But is he official?

What causes suspicion

First of all, the suspicion is caused by the developer of the application, which is listed on Google Play: "Telegram LLC". In 2014 Pavel Durov changed the legal entity of the company to "Telegram Messenger LLP". This was due to the conflict between the founder of Vkontakte and the UCP fund . A little earlier, in 2013, this fund bought back the shares of co-founders of the social network and became the owner of 48% of Vkontakte shares. UCP tried in every possible way to prove that the "Telegram" messenger is a part of the social network "Vkontakte".

At that time, there were three companies that were responsible for the messenger's work: Telegram LLC, Digital Fortress and Pictograph. They, subsequently, were bought by the same fund UCP, in order to "transfer" the application to the owners of Vkontakte. Later, Durov himself called it a raider capture.

If on the official website of Telegram go to the section "Apps", there will be one version of the application for Android - Telegram developer "Telegram Messenger LLP" . In the App Store, all 3 available mobile applications are published on behalf of this developer, and with "Telegram LLC" there is a redirect to it.

In the dry residue

We are glad to be wrong, but it turns out that the application Telegram X is not an official client of the popular messenger, but uses the name of a new alternative client for iOS. More recently, the same application was called Challegram - if the customer is an official, why not immediately call the company its clear and familiar name? It's not that we are deceived by you, but perhaps they are trying to mislead. And quite successfully - the application Telegram X for Android has downloaded more than 50,000 users. If something surprises you in this version, we remind you that the Telegram API is open , as well as the source codes (except the server part of the service), and any developer can write his own version of the messenger.