New trailer blockbuster "Pacific Frontier: The Rise"

By: Pavel Chuikin | 25.01.2018, 11:31
New trailer blockbuster "Pacific Frontier: The Rise"

The company Legendary released the second trailer of the science fiction film Stephen S. Denite "Pacific Frontier: Rise."

The Apocalypse Continues

The action of the blockbuster occurs ten years after the events of the first part. People have moved a little from the fights with the huge kizuj monsters, but they come back. And in this war the unknown race of the jailers interferes. The son of the commander Stacker Pentecost, Jake ( John Boyer ), is as good as a dad shredding huge monsters and ready to fight a new threat.

What to expect

The director of the first film, Guillermo Del Toro , this time acts only as a producer. In the chair of the director they planted Stephen S. Deneet . He has a lot of experience on television (he shot TV series "Daredevil", "Doll House", "Smallville's Secrets" and "Angel") and as many in the scenario shop, but Denate did not participate in the creation of a big movie and this is alarming. Frightened and John Boyhead's antennae, as well as a too fashionable soundtrack in the video, but we hope for the best.

Source: YouTube