In summer Fitbit will turn off Pebble services: what should you prepare for?

By: Bohdan Chub | 25.01.2018, 12:11
In summer Fitbit will turn off Pebble services: what should you prepare for?

Cloud services of smart watches Pebble should be closed in the end of 2017, but Fitbit has prolonged support of gadgets of the absorbed start-up till June, 30th. The company also told what functions will be disabled after this date.

Why wait?

Released last year, the software update has already helped to reduce dependence on Pebble servers, but failed completely to abandon the "cloud". After the end of support, the voice recognition and service for CloudPebble developers will stop working. On iOS have to say goodbye with sending quick replies to SMS messages and emails. Third-party software will no longer display its notifications directly to the Timeline (weather, match results and so on). Finally, the official application store and the Pebble forum will be closed.


Users only need to monitor the work of the Rebble team, which plans to create alternative firmware and a store (although applications can be installed manually by downloading the PBW file and opening it on the smartphone).

A Fitbit what?

The company claims that hundreds of developers for Pebble are already working on versions of their applications for Fitbit OS, a new platform that is used in Fitbit Ionic watches.

Existing users of Pebble will also be offered a discount of $ 50 to buy Fitbit Ionic (it is suspected that this applies only to customers in the US).

Source: Fitbit