Site without ads. For a month. For everyone. In honor of the decade of

By: protocol droid C-3PO | 26.01.2018, 00:00
Site without ads. For a month. For everyone. In honor of the decade of

Long time we did not spoil and did not surprise our most inquisitive readers. This time the technological novelty will be the site itself. Anyone wishing to enter the site today will be able to completely disable all types of display advertising on the site for a month, until February 26, 2018. In such an unconventional way, we want to thank all those who have been with us these 10 years, and all who read gg most recently. We are all equally dear to you. To get a month without ads to authorized readers it will be enough just to click on the "Get" button in the pop-up window. If you are not authorized on the site, you will be offered to first authorize. After confirming your e-mail address, the "site without ads" option will be activated automatically.


The first material on gg was released on January 26, 2008, it was an overview of the ASUS Eee PC 4G netbook. In December 2017, the audience of the site exceeded one and a half million users who viewed more than six and a half million of our materials. We also have Facebook , Twitter , Flipboard , Instagram and Telegram . And disabling advertising on the site for those who read us regularly is by far not the last surprise we have planned for this year.

Stay Tuned! And may the Force be with you!