Google Assistant will speak Russian in the coming months

By: Igor Nikitin | 31.01.2018, 14:16
Google Assistant will speak Russian in the coming months

Google Voice Assistant will soon speak in Russian. This was stated by a company representative in the blog on Habrahabr .

What is known

Russian-speaking Google Assistant is in no way inferior to his English brother. He can also tell you about the state of the roads, the weather, get directions and tell how many calories in bread. Actions on Google, a set of tools for creating applications for an assistant, will also be available. But these are not native applications, but special ones, "based on dialogue".

"They are created specifically for Google Now and give users the ability to solve their tasks with the help of your products or services. When you create an application for the Assistant, you develop dialogs for various devices, such as an oral dialog for smart speakers or a visual dialog for mobile phone screens, "the blog says.

This will work on the Dialogflow engine, which uses machine learning based on NLU (natural language understanding). Before publishing, each application will pass a quality check.

When to expect

Officially, Google Assistant will be launched in Russia, and the date spans the "coming months". In any case, Google Russified the assistant faster than Apple.