IDC: Apple again bypassed Samsung, and Xiaomi doubled sales of smartphones

By: Bohdan Chub | 02.02.2018, 15:20
IDC: Apple again bypassed Samsung, and Xiaomi doubled sales of smartphones

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, but in the fourth quarter for several years in a row the Korean giant is ahead of Apple. According to IDC, in October-December of the previous year, shipments of Galaxy devices decreased by 4.4% to 74.1 million devices against 77.3 million iPhones .

Xiaomi sets records


Samsung still reported a drop in its quarterly report, so the result is expected. The third place is held by Chinese giant Huawei with 41 million shipped smartphones. This is almost 10% less than last year. In the first five only Xiaomi showed a positive trend - the supply jumped by 96.9% to 28.1 million devices. The company is actively developing in the international market and has made great strides in India, where it already comes on the heels of Samsung.

Oppo is also expanding the geography of sales, but outside of China the devices are not sold as well (most likely because of traditionally high prices). Supplies fell by 13.2% to 24.7 million, and eventually the company had to give up the fourth place in the rating. The situation is also not better for hundreds of smaller brands in the category "Others" - their cumulative share dropped below 40%.

Smartphones live longer

Worldwide shipments of smartphones in October-December amounted to 403.5 million, 6.3% less than the previous fourth quarter. Even in statistics for the whole of 2017 sales volumes fell by 1% to 1.472 billion. The main reason - users are less likely to change devices.

IDC experts add that often buyers are not ready to pay for a top model worth one thousand dollars and even more, but more affordable flagships of past generations are going with a bang. Without recognizing faces and a frameless screen, you can live.


Source: IDC